A windy day in East Perthshie

I went for a wee daunder today around the Newtyle rail walk network and I must admit I loved it as for once I wasn’t ankle deep in mud! There was a lot of birdsong despite the damp weather but unfortunately I only managed to get this guy, saying that I was well chuffed at that. He was singing his wee heart out and I must it admit it lifted the spirits

Mistle Thrush

Song Thrush

Mistle Thrush

Song Thrush

So after a brief walk, and I WILL be back, a return to Blair. Having packed the rest of the crew off to Perth I thought I’d pop down to the Whiteloch to see if I could get the Kingfisher.  I wasn’t expecting too much as the wind had really picked up but I saw him after 2 minutes of my arrival. However, just as I was setting the camera to take a picture, a lad and his dog spooked him!  He only moved 20 yds or so though and “I’ll get him now” I thought, but typical of my luck, a blooming sparrowhawk came winging through the bushes and scared everything off, and needless to say I got a picture of neither.

I thought I’d hang about a wee bit though and I’m glad I did as I got this wee cutie









So all in all it wasn’t too bad a day. Away to have a beer and watch the rugby now, come on Scotland 🙂


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