A mixed bag

To say I’ve had a mixed week is to truly point out the obvious. From spending an excellent Saturday evening with family, to then realising my efforts on FB were a bit dodgy to say the least. I decided to leave my FB page for a wee bit due to health issues, generally this nasty depression shit that has cursed me this past wee while. Anyway, as alluded to, it’s been a mixed bag of a week, which as I said started with a lovely Saturday evening with my family. Sunday started great with a few pics of this buzzard,


………….love them regardless of their recent abundance, but still a raptor that I have to photograph if given the chance, and why not? Quality bird, true survivor.

Canada geese are always a fave of mine as well, due to the fact I CAN recognise them!!!!

canada goose

So Sunday merged, as it does, into Monday, rubbish day tbh, sleet, snow, rain which just really manifested into a deeper feeling of gloom. Sorry guys, not my usual up-beat self but life sometimes really sucks! HOWEVER, of to a new job on the Wednesday cleaning a bit of Perth lade, Lord don’t take my words in vain but ffs, depression just hit a new depth!!! I appeared and was met with a sight that really broke my heart


Seeing this abomination should really be a matter for the police or council to take up, but regardless of the politics, it really cut me to the bone. What could live in a crappy hole like this? Well, you’d really be surprised. A pair of electro-fishers contracted in had seen a Water Rail!!!!!!!!!!!! NO SHIT, but I got a fleeting glimpse myself and could not believe it.


Water Rail - courtesy D Gow

Water Rail – courtesy D Gow

Not only that, a dog otter feeding pretty much daily at the outlet of the Goodlyburn (again, fleeting glimpse), kingfishers (yeah, I know, boring but another fleeting glimpse) bloody frustrating to me tbh. However, on an upside I did get pics of these guys








I rescued quite a number of eels, though they are quite a hardy breed. I think I threw over 20 back into the lade on Wednesday alone. Add a few toads, frogs and a puckle sticklebacks, I felt I did OK over and above my real job.

Had a really rubbish day on the Thursday, questioning everything but thanks to my pal bolstering me and a chance sighting of 2 beavers by the Ericht, which typically I remembered to forget my camera!!!!!!!!!!!! amounted to another missed opportunity. Hey, life goes on one way or another. Away to bed but listening to Joey B as I’m writing this, quality musician, feel good dude even though he plays the blues. Take care guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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