An evening with a Pine Marten

On Friday (1st May), I was fortunate enough to visit a hide I know of to hopefully see a Pine Marten. Previous attempts had been a bit of a disaster but this evening was to be a bit more rewarding. I did the usual, buying bait (peanut butter-the chunky variety) from the local shop in the vain hope it’d work. After arriving at the hide, I laced the area with the bait and settled down for a long wait. Within two minutes, the logs were covered in Great tits then a wee Greater Spotted Woodpecker

Greater Spotted Woodpecker

Greater Spotted Woodpecker

This was literally chased off as soon as it landed by this bad boy……

Pine Marten

Pine Marten

He mooched about for a few minutes before getting spooked by a quad. No sooner had it passed, then back he came……

01-05 pm2

01-05 pm4

01-05 pm5

01-05 pm6

It sat about for a good 10 mins before disappearing just as quick as it came. Lovely and an experience that I hope to replicate very soon 🙂

Until then, here’s a wee video




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