Pine Marten part 2

…In the name of the wee man, even though we are into May, it was blooming nippy tonight up the Glen. It was a definite lazy Northerly wind, in fact it was that lazy it didn’t go round you, it went right through you!!!! So, how did the latest Pine Marten quest go? Apart from the wee hint in the opening sentences (it was really cold) it did eventually throw up a few photographic opportunities. My wee bud Rhona and I decided to go up the Glen as I’d promised a revisit after a previous disastrous outing of sitting for 3 hours seeing nothing but a very ticked off Roe buck, he gave us dog’s abuse! With his dog like “bark” after spotting us, we saw pretty much nothing. However this evening was a wee bit different. After sitting for about an hour watching various birdlife…..



Great Tit

Great Tit

we got a wee show, a flash of a red/brown rump and tail from the left disappearing behind some logs, a brief but tantalising sight of a nose and a cream chest, a back of our target feeding ………..

06-05 pm1

……..then a flash of that tail flashing back into the bushes.

Gutted isn’t the word to be honest as I truly believed that was it for the night. We did get a visit from a pair of Fallow hinds that were only a few yards from our vantage point but were really on edge and as soon as I lifted my camera they were off. After another hour or so of being completely frozen and hands turning to ice, we got a revisit from the Marten that lasted a good 20 mins.

06-05 pm2

06-05 pm3

06-05 pm4

06-05 pm5

06-05 pm6

I was really chuffed we both saw this absolutely gorgeous animal, a true honour and privilege 🙂

06-05 pm7

A wee video of this evening


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