Riemore Lodge and Loch Ordie

As a bairn staying in Dunkeld, my brother and I would often be treated to a fishing trip to Benachally. There were two routes to the loch, one via Riechip and leading directly to the loch by road; the other was by Riemore and dumping the car at the gamey’s house and hoofing it over the hill. Although a lot more arduous, I always preferred the latter as it gave time to enjoy nature. So today, we decided to relive a wee bit of my youth and go up to Riemore and Loch Ordie. It was a lovely morning with a wee nip in the air, sunny and a fresh breeze, enough to brighten up my thick head from my birthday celebrations from the night before 🙂 After leaving the car in a wee layby we walked up toward the loch. Now Coco ain’t that daft but he couldn’t work out the cattle grids and had to be carried across more than a few. After about 10 minutes walking, I looked to my left westwards and espied on the south side of Duchary hill a pair of birds. Initially I thought it was a Hen Harrier being mobbed by a crow but it was in fact a Red Kite…..

Red Kite and Crow

Red Kite and Crow

Red Kite

Red Kite

…apologies for the quality but the sun was pretty much right in my face and they were a good distance away, totally nothing to do with the red wine the night before, honest 😉

Anyway, we walked on with the joyous sound of at least 3 Cuckoo’s in the vicinity, unfortunately no pics. As we rounded a corner we were met with a Fallow hind and a pair of calves…

Fallow and calves

Fallow and calves

As we walked on, the cuckoo calls became more widespread and insistent, almost taunting me lol. Again no sightings but they were close. Closer still was this lovely wee Wheatear….



and Meadow Pippit


Meadow Pippit

…lovely birds both of them. On reaching the Loch (Ordie) I was very hopeful of seeing an Osprey but no such luck. However, we got even better, this Kestrel (rubbish pic I know)



As the pup and I had a dena-stick and a cup of tea respectively, we were treated to quite a few Brown Trout feeding plus this Common Sandpiper bopping about the shore



There were a few Meadow Pippits knocking about plus this rather brazen Black-faced lamb….

Black-face lamb

Black-face lamb

As always, I have the dog on a lead going through livestock even though he is well trained. But to both our astonishment, the bloody lamb (6 weeks old at most) had the temerity to charge at the dog!!!! I didn’t know whether to laugh or run tbh, needless to say the dog was for the latter 😉 As we walked on down the hill we saw the Fallow yet again

09-05 fallow calves

And so, as we walked the road back to the car with the songs of the Pippits and Larks and the mocking of the Cuckoo in our ears, we promised a revisit although the next time we’ll take the round about way via Benachally and Loch-na-Chat




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