Beaver blog 2014




Not the same start as last year as I’ve not had the same opportunities as 2013, however I’ve still been busy promoting the beaver. I’ve been involved with the TBSG and SBT  in regard to some trapping areas. I’ve assisted in a couple of school visits, Airlie and Dunbarney with Joanna Findlay and Rhona Forrester respectively and both girls were fantastic. I have seen, albeit briefly, the beaver on a few occasions on the river through February and March during the floods. They had taken themselves into a wee backwater (the beavers not the girls) and were directly under my feet on a bridge, a wee bit disconcerting on a dark evening when you are knee deep in water (I was on the bridge wearing waders but the river was up 10ft or so from normal levels) and you get this tailsplash just feet from you, by the Lord, it gets the adrenalin going. Awesome creatures, but not really bright. They had no sooner warned me off than they resurfaced no more than 10ft from me, fair enough it was only for a few moments but great to witness. I’ve also been on Countryfile interviewed by Ellie Harrison and hopefully did the cause proud though I doubt that

Ellie Harrison meets Freddy Kruger!!!!

Ellie Harrison meets Freddy Kruger!!!!

On the back of that my facebook page and the SWBG facebook page went ballistic with people asking to join both pages. I’m really pleased with that as it is paramount that we keep these brilliant animals to the fore in the media. Anyway, I’ve had more than a few enquiries regarding a tour this year by the river, 5 revisits and 6 new ones so far. I, or at least SWBG have been asked to do a presentation to 2 Beaver cub companies, one in Newburgh, the other in North Berwick, the love is growing far and wide :-). Rhona and I are delivering a presentation to Rattray Primary School on the 19th and I’ve also been contacted by a student that I am giving a tour to on the 21st at Bamff estate with the very kind permission of the Ramsay’s. Another enquiry actually came through the Wildwood Trust  in Kent, and I can’t thank Peter Smith and his team enough for the support they have given us guys up here, and that support shall be reciprocated when they have their own fight on their hands which will hopefully be soon or not at all. Anyway, Cain (the lad that contacted me via Wildwood Trust) is popping up at the end of the month for hopefully a sighting of Castor at either Bamff or on the Ericht.


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