Suggested Walks

I love walking and exploring the countryside regardless of the weather. I have put a few walks together and plan to add more as time progresses. I’ve put them in pdf with basic directions and pictures for you so that you can print them off if you want.

Kitty Swanson’s Bridge – Approximately 3 hours to walk this lovely route that takes in a fair bit of the Ericht from both the Rattray side and the Blairgowrie side. Predominately flat with a few small inclines and a few steps.

Ardblair walk – A relatively easy walk for all, approx. 2.5 – 3 miles long over predominately flat terrain.

Caird Park, Dundee – Just a wee stroll more than anything else but a quality place to see wildlife in the centre of Dundee

Knockie walk – A wee bit more strenuous but offers up some fantastic views of Strathmore and more northerly panoramas

Stormont Loch and Hares Myre – A lovely walk taking in woodland and a couple of lochs. Plenty to see en-route with a varied amount of wildlife. This can be relatively easy if you take the car from Blairgowrie and park at the wood rather than walking from the Wellmeadow. Walking from the centre of town will add a further 4 miles to your trek.


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